Event: Faculty Assembly, Monday, September 26, 6:45p, MCAD auditorium

Please join in everyone.

Faculty Senate calls for a Faculty Assembly to all adjunct and full-time faculty.

Due to the Nature of this meeting, under Faculty Assembly ByLaw:

2. When the motion under consideration presents a conflict of interest for members of the Faculty Assembly who are administrators, the President of the FacultyAssembly and Senate may require those members to be absent from the relevant meeting(s).

Agenda for September 26th Faculty Assembly
6:45-8:00 PM

Faculty Assembly to discuss the Unionization at MCAD prior to the vote:
Allow for discussion on the topic, share information, concerns and questions.

MCAD Administration has been invited at 7:15 for a Q&A, as well as to present their position on the Union.

The Auditorium has been reserved for the following Monday, October 3rd at 6:45 also, and SEIU will be invited to that Assembly.

We require all attendees to respect all participants and engage in polite discussion. Senate is moderated by Robert’s Rules of Order.We require that no union or anti-union organizing occurs within this meeting.