Full and part-time faculty have won the right to unionize at MCAD.

On Friday afternoon, we received news that both full and part-time faculty have won the right to unionize! This is an important victory, as our initial petition — our very right to unionize — had been challenged, and our shared understanding of how full and part-time faculty work together within the MCAD community was put into question.

We can now begin strengthening our distinctive needs while working towards the same goal of stronger faculty representation. Take note that the National Labor Relations Board has decided that while both and full and part-time faculty do have the right to unionize, we will be voting in two different bargaining units. There are many interests that we share in common, but there are significant distinctions with respect to “compensation”, “participation in college governance”, “eligibility for tenure”, and “working conditions”.

We encourage you to read the attached document to consider why and how this decision was made.

This is a significant step for us. Although we are in two different bargaining units, this does not mean we will be at odds with each other. Rather, as members of the same union, we will continue to work closely together, defining and working toward both our collective goals as well as the individual interests of each group. This will only strengthen our positions.

The ballots for the election will be mailed out on October 4th and must be mailed in by October 18th. During the time leading up to the election, we will hold regular campus meetings to help us define these interests and to discuss the process of collective bargaining, so that we will be well-prepared to begin the process of negotiation once we have had the election.
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Thank you,
Gudrun Lock
Jen Caruso
Natasha Pestich