Letter to MCAD Colleagues to Support the Faculty Union

Dear Colleagues,
We are the full-time and adjunct faculty who are forming a union at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Together with other faculty across the nation, we’re creating a stronger, more unified voice for our profession to ensure that our higher education institutions treat all faculty with the respect, recognition, and security we deserve.

In the past three years, over 11,000 adjunct and full-time non-tenure-track faculty have voted to form unions with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), including adjunct faculty at Hamline University in Saint Paul. They join the ranks of over 38,000 tenure and non-tenure-track faculty members in SEIU.

MCAD and Twin Cities faculty are uniting through Minnesota Academics United, an affiliate of SEIU Local 284, in order to participate more effectively in wider efforts to defend the values of higher education.

We want faculty and students to have a stronger voice in shaping our working conditions, the direction and priorities of our college, and the future of higher education. We believe strongly that creating more equitable and predictable employment conditions for all faculty will enhance the quality of our students’ educational experiences. As faculty, we are in communication with students and are therefore in touch with their needs as well as our own. Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.

Join us in forming our union to build a stronger MCAD.

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Name, Title
Jen Caruso, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Holly Robbins, Adjunct Faculty, Sustainable Design Program
Murphy Pizza, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Natasha Pestich, Professor, Fine Arts
Melissa Licht, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Ben Severns, Adjunct Professor, Media Arts
Elisabeth Workman, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Daniel Dean, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
Gudrun Lock, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
Jonathan Kaiser, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
Gretchen Gasterland-Gustafsson, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Lara Rodriguez, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Thomas Pope Professor Liberal Arts
Kjel W. Johnson, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Anna Chisholm, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
Nissa Parmar, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Diana Green, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Sarah Petersen, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts and Design
Cameron Browne, Adjunct Faculty, Design and CE
Janet Lobberecht, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts and Design
Shannon Estlund, Adjunct Faculty, Design and Fine Arts
Craig Santer, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Katinka Galanos, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
Zak Sally, Adjunct Faculty, Design
Kindra Murphy, Professor, Design
Jessica M. Dandona, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
Linda Frichtel, Professor, Design
Jason Pearson, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
Joline Zepcevski, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Travis Stearns, Adjunct Faculty, Design
Patrick Cox, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Ethan Rowan Pope, Adjunct, Design
Dawn Pankonien, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Hunter Jonakin, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts
George Hoagland, Visiting Faculty, Liberal Arts
Erika Prater, Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts
Bly Pope, Adjunct Faculty, Design
Tom Garrett, Professor, Design
Alison Nowak, Adjunct Faculty, Design
Michael Banning, Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts
Dennis Lo, Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts and Design
Jeremy Faludi, Adjunct Faculty, Sustainable Design Program
Ben Proell, Adjunct Faculty, Design
Dawn Schot Klotzbach, Adjunct Faculty, Media Arts